Corrugated Paper Fruit Box

Short Description:

This Corrugated Paper Fruit Box has three layers of thick corrugated paper, strong and durable. The vents are designed to make the product less prone to decay. Exquisite pattern printing, in line with the image of mango, beautiful and generous, enhance product value. The handle is reasonable in design, not easy to break, and does not hurt the hand.The box is very thick and firm, food-grade raw materials with FSC certificate, healthy and environmentally friendly,which can meet FDA standard, safe and pollution-free. The crease structure makes it easier to open and close during using it.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product parameters


As per custom request.


corrugated board,paperboard.




Glossy&MATT Varnshine,Embossing,Stamping,Varnishing etc.




We have our own R&D enter to do any design.

Hand work

glue the corrugated box into box,or saddle staple into corrugated box.


By sea/air/depends on client's requirement.


Various colour for customers' opinion.



Product advantages

The Corrugated Paper Fruit Box Manufacturer has more than 140 independent research and development patents, and it is a national high-tech enterprises. The company has the core technology and intellectual property rights in the corrugated structure, molding structure, HD green water-based printing and other aspects so that to achieve lightweight, high strength products, and the customers can reduce costs and enhance the market value of customer products.


The Corrugated Paper Fruit Box Manufacturer has the most advanced European corrugated ultra-high speed automatic production lines in the world with own personal design.

First of all, personalized cardboard core technology,new corrugated flute technology innovation to achieve the industry's first non-standardized personality technology, so as to save the material, reducing consumption, high efficiency, high quality, low cost and many other technologies.

Second, the stacking:  through years of production experience, in the hydraulic stacking system, the company also puts forward a unique design concept  to design an automatic dislocation stacking system, greatly reducing the labor cost with the cooperation of the leading companies in Europe.

Finally,the product - no trace no pressure double-sided printable cardboard greatly improves the physical index of the product, so that the bursting degree and the folding resistance have a bigger facelift and the double-sided printing can be realized.     

Product application

It has good printing quality while ensuring green environmental protection, so as to realize new technology of water environmental protection instead of traditional offset printing, and realize environmental protection, biodegradation, life-long recycling.


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