Disposable Craft Paper Soup Bowl

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A Disposable Craft Paper Soup Bowl is a disposable cup made out of paper and often lined or coated with plastic or wax to prevent liquid from leaking out or soaking through the paper.It may be made of recycled paper and is widely used around the world. We can provide different size from 4oz to 30oz cups. We can also customize the color print or material gram. Whats more ,we can also design the print for you.

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Product parameters

Material Food grade A paper
Size 8ozT,12ozT,16ozT,24ozT,32ozT
Color  1- 8 colors 
Logo Custom made acceptable
Design OEM/ODM
Style Single Wall/Double Wall/ Ripple Wall
Packing 500pcs/ctn or according to the customers requirements
Payment Terms T/T, L/C at sign
MOQ 20000pcs


Product advantages

These paper bowls are eco friendly as they are made up of disposable material. These are biodegradable and decompose quickly. Recycling of these cups is quite common. As compared to plastic bowls, these paper bowls can be crumple easily. We can say these cups are more compactable as compared to other normal bowls. These bowls are cleanest products due to its biodegradability. They don’t contain toxic elements as these are made up of natural products of trees. These cups are recyclable as a pulp can be made with mixture of water and paper bowls that can be further used in manufacturing of new paper bowls. These cups are safe to use while holding cold or hot soup.


These paper bowls are available in various shaped and sizes and one can also avail these bowls in different and variety of designs too. Nowadays many people prefer these bowls as these are light weight and easy to use. Bowl dispensers are available in many places that help easy dispose and recycling of these bowls. So whenever you use these bowls, don’t forget to dispose in dispensers available at schools, hospitals, restaurants, offices and many places. It makes the proper use and recycling of paper material and this pure and natural product.

Product application

People have started using paper bowls and these bowls are quite common in many places like offices, schools, hospitals and many more. These bowls have many benefits over plastic and ordinary bowls. In comparison to Styrofoam bowls, these paper bowls include various benefits. These bowls have come into existence in 1918 during the time of American flu epidemic. People started using these disposal bowls to avoid infection and maintain hygiene. Nowadays these bowls are available in various varieties specially used for milk, sodas, cold drinks, tea and coffee and many more beverages. These are generally produced from paper and laminated with thin wax or polythene sheet. Bottom of the paper bowl is sealed with disc.



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