Transparent Biodegradable PLA Cup with Lid

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The global market for PLA cup is anticipated to grow in the upcoming years, owing to benefits of PLA cups over regular plastic cups. One of the key drivers for the growth of the PLA cup market is the 100% biodegradability. PLA cups can withstand a wide range of temperatures 0°C to 70°C and can be used for serving cold as well as hot food & beverage products. Initiative taken against the consumption of disposable plastic products and by adopting eco-friendly products by food serving outlets is trending in the PLA cup market.

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Product Parameters

Description Model Dimensions (mm) Package
Top Size Btm Size High Pcs/ctn Carton Size(cm)
PLA 89MM 10oz (290ml) 89 52 88 1000 37.5*37*46.5
12oz (360ml) 89 57 108 1000 46.5*37.5*45.5
14oz (400ml) 89 56 115 1000 46.5*37.5*45
16oz (500ml) 89 53 137 1000 54*46*37
20oz (600ml) 89 53 160 1000 57*46*37
24oz (700ml) 89 53 180 1000 60*46*37

U shape

12oz (360ml) 89 57 105 1000 46.5*37.5*43
16oz (500ml) 89 63 118 1000 46.5*37.5*51
24oz (700ml) 89 44 153 1000 58*37*46
PLA 98MM 14oz (400ml) 98 54 103 1000 50.5*40.5*42.5
16oz (500ml) 98 62 121 1000 50.5*40.5*46
16oz (500ml) 98 60 126 1000 50.5*40.5*49
20oz (600ml) 98 61 143 1000 50.5*40.5*54
24oz (700ml) 98 61 153 1000 50.5*40.5*54
PLA 107MM 32oz (950ml) 107 73 178 600 45*34*55


Product Advantages

PLA is derived from renewable resources such as vegetable starch, corn, sugarcane, wood fibres and lactic acid. This bioplastic is used for an array of different purposes including the manufacturing of biodegradable and compostable paper cups, deli and takeout containers or fresh produce packaging.

PLA breaks down into natural organic elements once disposed of and compostable paper cups, for instance, turn into natural fertilizers providing the soil with nutrients instead of turning into waste when breaking down. Even if PLA is incinerated, it does not produce any toxic fumes and is safe for people suffering from allergies.


The advantage of using PLA cup is the excellent recyclability. PLA cup has emerged as an alternative solution to conventional paper and plastic cups. Among the three plastic cups- Polypropylene (PP)Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), and Polylactic Acid (PLA) cup is the only biodegradable and compostable. Owing to its advantages such as biodegradability and recyclability, PLA cup market is expected to create up surging opportunities for PLA cup manufacturers. PLA cups are similar to conventional plastic cups and are available in various capacities such as up to 10 oz, 10 to 15 oz, and 15 to 25 oz. The demand for the molded fiber cups is going to increase during the forecast period due to wider consumer acceptance for its sustainability.

Product Application

The first applications of PLA were in the biomedical  sector. PLA has an ability to be absorbed biologically. It takes between 6 months to 2 years to break down inside body. Development in production methods and capacity made PLA cheaper &  enabled wider applications such as packaging material.

For instance, McDonald’s and Starbucks began a collaboration and announced to develop cups made of polylactic acid, that are compostable, recyclable, or both. Along with this, the PLA cup offers printability for branding and promotion on its surface and has no plastic lining on its edge, which makes them easily recyclable. These are the factors fuelling the demand for PLA cup in the foodservice disposables market. The global PLA market is anticipated to have a positive outlook during the forecast period.


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