Biodegradable PBAT PLA Cornstarch Shopping Bag

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Plastic waste is produced across the world; plastic waste constitutes the majority of ocean debris. In response to this the plastics industry is offering the market new types of biodegradable polymers that are viewed by many as providing more ‘environmentally friendly’ alternatives to traditional polymers; however, there is a confusing array of terminologies and associated polymer properties. And we can provide Biodegradable PBAT PLA Cornstarch Shopping Bag to solve the waste problem.

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Product Name
Biodegradable PBAT BagPLA Cornstarch Shopping Bag
Raw Material
Size,Printing logo,Color,Packing,and so on
 Sample Time
10 Working Day
No plastic, Non-toxic,100%biodegradable and compostable, Eco-friendly
Product Time
20 days after confirm the order,base on the QTY
School,Hospital,Library,Hotel,Restaurant,Supermarket,Grocery,And so on
Shipping Way
General take TT,Alibaba Credit Insurance Orders,Others payment also can be discuss

Product advantages

Biodegradable PBAT PLA Cornstarch Shopping Bag can reduce some of the environmental problems resulting from the uncontrolled disposal of plastic wastes. We can assume that Biodegradable PBAT PLA Cornstarch Shopping Bag are best used to substitute conventional plastics that generate environmental problems either during use or at their end-of-life. Typical examples are improperly disposed of shopping bags, which can be harmful for sea life, or when conventional plastics packaging becomes contaminated by food, thus making it more difficult to recycle.Biodegradable PBAT PLA Cornstarch Shopping Bag are also useful in the separate collection of food wastes from households and businesses. These bags can be fully embedded in composting (i.e. material recycling) processes, without causing any negative effect on the compost produced.
Custom 100% biodegradable compostable corn starch pla plastic t-shirt bag packaging plant bag supermarket retail bag
The main advantage of Biodegradable PBAT PLA Cornstarch Shopping Bag compared to conventional plastics, is that they negate the use of fossil resources by using biomass. In theory, this biomass provides potential for carbon neutrality, contributing to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. They can contribute to improved resource Key Issue Paper on Biodegradable Plastics, December 2015 efficiency through biomass use cascades, as they are suitable for recycling and energy recovery after any possible reuse and recycling option. Secondly, they can avoid some of the environmental problems resulting from uncontrolled land spreading and disposal at sea.

Product application

The increasing use of Biodegradable PBAT PLA Cornstarch Shopping Bag means that there is more interest in using bio-based (renewable) resources to manufacture these products, however, there are currently no regulations that require plastics manufacturers to declare the presence of renewable resources within a product. Not withstanding, there is a European test method , which specifies a calculation method for determining the bio-based carbon content in monomers, polymers and plastic materials and products, based on 14C content measurement. It is currently the most important guideline for substantiating marketing claims regarding a material or product’s bio-based carbon content.

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