Why do we need to separate sales from the factory?            

Although this decision is somewhat tangled,our starting-point is that hoping that our customers will experience our best services in a place with a better feeling.Doing service-based ecosystem-wide supply chain is a strategy that we will not change for the next 10 years.

Why can you be free after placing order with us?                

We have a complete customer service system with a mature team structure,providing product development,packaging design,sales and order supervisor,logistics and after-sale protection services,adhering to the “sincere and honest life” principle,so that customer do not have any worries about the products.

Why do we advocate the principle of integrated procurement?     

Since Shenhe is an old factory and a brand that has been established for nearly 30years,having our own system of injection moulding,blister,blow moulding,and paper packaging production chains,and having thousands of high quality supply chain resources. So ,we have enough resources to provide you with the best overall purchasing solution.

Why we still treat you as a friend,although you do not give orders to us?                                                    

There are more than 10 discussion areas and conference rooms in this park area where you are visiting. There are Japanese,Chinese,and Western Style meeting room to create a friend’s scene.Everyone who comes to us,whether it is business or not, you will always be our guest.If you have the opportunity to see the north building,perhaps you can feel the depth of our valve.

Enterprise Purpose:Service Oriented, Customer First

Service Oriented, Customer First.

Always put customers first .

Establish the concept of “customer satisfaction maximization”.

Think from the customer’s point of view, recommend better quality , sustainable and developable product line to customers.

Compromise and sacrifice our profit to ensure the optimization of customer’s benifits.

Post time: Oct-10-2020